Food Products Transportation: A Revolution

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The food transport technology has been revolutionized in recent times. A great development has been seen in this field in the recent past. The services make the world closer and within reach. For instance, even in the cold winters that we can get the tropical fruits in the supermarket. From asparagus to strawberries we can enjoy every fruit from any corner of the world by simply buying from the supermarkets near our homes.

Development through Time

During the older times, food product transport was mostly dominated by sea transport. However, the main revolution started with the involvement of Railways and Steamship along with the Food trade. The system became more cheap and efficient during the early 20th century with the invention of automobiles and construction of roads. With the growth of many food preservatives in the market, the food transportation has become easier. Moreover, food processing such as freezing, canning, dehydration also has advanced food preservation in food transport. Refrigeration can also play an important role when it comes to dealing with fresh foods. It mainly allows for the food transport to grow. Refrigeration allows any perishable items to be kept fresh in transit. Hence, we can say the refrigerated cargo has been very important in freezing foods like meat.

Transportation through various means

In the present scenario, the sea transport has been the most common means of transport for food. It allows many food items to be shipped to places in the temperature controlled sea ship containers. Due to the insulation layers and refrigeration units build on them, these containers are of great help. Most of the items like blueberries, avocados, pears, apples, asparagus and melons are transported from the Pacific East to the markets in Europe and the U.S.
The next means of transport is the air transport. It has been the fastest means of transport in the recent times. It is mainly used to transport valuable and highly perishable items like meat and lobster. The only disadvantage of this means of transport is the transit time that is being spent on the tarmac for lifting off and docking.

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